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About TimePiece Ltd.

Timepiece is a privately owned company, dedicated to the restoration of vintage dials and hand refinishing for the horological industry, dealers, collectors and watch enthusiasts. Our 70 m² workshop is located in the center of Israel, one hour drive north of Tel-Aviv in a well organized facility including all the relevant machinery and equipment.

Watch Dial Restoration

In the world today there are a handful businesses that still practice the dial refinish service using the traditional methods. There are quite a few that offer the service, but very few that actually do it. We are the sole business performing such service in a professional level in Israel and serve customers both within Israel and worldwide.

We take great pride in our work and master manual skills and original know-how of the refinishing process; Our selection of prints cover most periods and styles from the early 20s to the late 70s, as well as some particular and newer models with a large variety of brand names; Some of our equipment dates back to the early 30s!

History of Dial Refinishing

It was for several decades till the early 20th century that most watch dials were made of enamel. The application of enamel requires a lot of expertise and repairing enamel dials is not a simple task. The story of the dial refinishing business is related to the appearance of the metal dial in mass production and dates back to the early 20s of the 20th century. The metal made dial, mostly made of brass (top brands such as Hamilton, IWC and some Longines model, were made of silver) is easier to restore - First by treating the surface with chemistry and natural coatings and then restoring the original print with special ink or cold enamel.

In the mid 20th century, dial refinish shops were already a common business in most large cities in the US and quite popular in Europe as well. As with the history of the American watch indusry, such businesses reached a crisis in the late 60s, caused by the introduction of the quartz movement and cheaper watches from the far east. These watches were cheap enough to allow their owners to buy a new watch once the watch required maintenance or restoration, rather than invest in restoring the old one. For this reason, many watch making companies, as well as dial refinish companies, closed down or minimized their activity to a garage family business. Today there are less than 20 different dial refinish businesses who practice the traditional method of dial refinishing worldwide.

Nevertheless, as mechanical watches are rather rare and sought after today more than ever and collecting old watches is considered an exotic hobby, dial refinishing has become a fascinating niche of the horological industry in recent years.

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