About our equipment

Some of our printing plates, as well as other equipment, are as old as the early 30s!
While working on your dial, we use the same traditional surface refinish techniques that were developed by the Swiss and American watch industries in the early 20th century. Such techniques include the famous 'Hamilton Butler' finish which is a plain silver plated finish, and the Swiss 'Argenté' - a white surface with pearled effect. Those techniques refinish the metallic surface with natural applied treatments and coatings that longers the lifespan of your dial.

Dial Restoration

Our printing plates are made of quality steel, hardened to 68 Rockwell.
In our catalog, we have an extensive collection of thousands of prints with exact font and size, covering most of the Swiss and American brand names, including: Omega, Tissot, IWC Schaffhausen, Longines, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Waltham, Bulova, Gruen, Elgin, to name a few, as well as a large selection of symbols, tracks, indexes, sub seconds and other special prints.

Dial refinish

If we do not have the exact print for your dial, we can probably match a similar one using a combination of other prints. We can also match an exact print or make custom prints if necessary.

All the materials we use in the refinish process are environmental friendly.

Watch Dial Refinish

We offer dial refinish services for vintage and newer watches, both for ladies and gents.
In addition, we offer pocket watch dial restoration service for dials with non-enamel background.

Some of the dial refinish services we offer:

Surface and texture related: Print / Other services:
Embossed figures Swiss / Switzerland prints
Luminous figures 24-Hrs print (13-24)
Golden Inlaid figures Calendar print
Applied figures Power reserve print
  Pocket dials
Dual tone surface Sweep seconds track
Copper / Silver / Gold plated surface Chronograph/Telemeter track
Pearled track  
Color changes  
  Luminous dots
Diamond setting for Rolex and others Mother of pearl dials
Rhinestones setting Foot soldered

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Watch Hands Refinish
In addition to watch dial restoration, we offer hands refinish services.
The services we offer include:

Hands re-plating Gold 14K Yellow/Rose
Hands re-plating Silver / Nickel tone
Hands color change / polish
Luminous hands refinish

In all of our luminous hands and luminous dots refinish projects We use only Super-LUMINOVA® - a non-radioactive, non-toxic and environmentally-safe substitute to the earlier materials. We have three major color variants: Green, Yellow and Blue.

Luminous Hands History

Luminous hands
technique was first introduced around World War 1, when Swiss makers applied a luminous material on skeleton shaped military hands to make the hands glow in the dark. It was discovered that mixing Radium with Zinc-Sulphate would cause the surface to show a glowing effect. In fact, the reaction between the materials caused them to glow regardless of exposure to light and hypothetically, a watch with such hands could glow in a sealed drawer for years. These glowing hands and dial luminous dots soon became popular in most gents pocket and wrist watches.

Radium is a hazardous radio-active material and after a cycle of 20 to 5o years exposure it would destroy the Zinc-Sulphate on the mix and the hands would eventually cease to glow for good. The fact Radium was a dangerous material was discovered only in the late 20s, nevertheless Swiss manufacturers continued to use Radium in the process of making luminous hands till the mid 50s, when Tritium filled hands were introduced. The later material was also found to be a harmful material and was soon replaced by a new Japanese-Swiss joint revolutionary development known as the Super-LUMINOVA® - a photo-lumiscent (light sensitive) pigment paste.

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