New Customers

We welcome new customers worldwide!
As we add you to our database of customers, it is essential that we understand the level of expertise and detail you require in your refinish work. Some people would satisfy for a 'close match' refinish, while others would expect a more detailed 'exact' refinish and the prices for these two levels of refinish will vary accordingly.

Therefore, when you contact us for the first time, you can use our contact form which includes some general information about you and the type of expectations from us. Using the same contact form is also a convenient way to upload an image for a price quote.

Shipping & Packaging Instructions

Since we cannot control the condition of the dial when it is in transit, we would like to give you a few tips to make sure your dials survive travelling back and forth:

Always ship your dial separated in sealed tin cans, wrapped with a watch paper.

You can send two dials in the same tin can. In such instance, pack each dial separately
with the feet facing each other to the center and the face of the dial facing outwards.

Never send a complete watch or a movement with your dial.
Have your dial removed from the movement, we only need the dial.

If you do not need the hands to be repainted, do not send them either.

Please make sure you enclose a note with your name and email address inside the package.

VERY Important: Customs clearance Instructions - Please read :

You may ship your dials in any form of shipping method you choose to.
Please follow these two simple instructions carefully for trouble-free customs release:

1. Fill in a customs declaration form you will receive at the post office (Normally referred to as CN22 or similar) or through your courier waybill, as follows:

Contents description & declared value:

Used Watch Parts
24.00 $US

Tick "Commercial sample"

2. In addition, please prepare an invoice from you to us with your complete name and address, our complete name and address (see below) and describe the above mentioned contents and value. Date the invoice and sign it.

For your convenience, you can see an example here.
Requires Adobe PDF reader. Download this free program here.

When done preparing your invoice, place it in a clearly marked CUSTOMS DOCUMENTS / COMMERCIAL INVOICE packing slip attached to the
EXTERIOR part of your package, either front or back.

Kindly note that failure to attach an invoice outside the package will cause the package to be held for inspection. We will be asked to come in person to the central post office in Tel Aviv and release/collect the package and pay release fees of ~ 15.00 $US. Kindly assits us in avoiding this time consuming process and related costs.

You may, if felt necessary, insure your package in any value;
Insurance value does not affect the actual value declared for customs purposes.

Finally, when packed, send your materials to:

Mr. Tal Ben-Shlomo
Timepiece Ltd Israel

43 Yarden St.
47204 Israel

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Payment Options

We accept the following payment methods (by order of preference):

Pay with all major credit cards through your Paypal account.

You can make an easy international transfer of the total via Western Union.

Cheque/Bank wire transfers:
We can accept cheques/swifts for totals of 1,000.00 $US or above.
For smaller amount, there will be a surcharge 24.00 $US to cover bank fees.

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Return-Shipping Options

When your dials are ready, we will inform you via email and you may choose your preferred shipping method. We use a few methods for shipping. These are described for your convenience in the table below:

Shipping Method: Service by: Price*: Delivery**:
Registered Airmail
This is a reliable signed-for service with coverage of up to 120.00 $US for lost item. Lost item is very rare (from our experience just one out of over 1,200 packages).
Israeli Postal Service 9.00 $US 7-22 days

EMS Door-to-Door
This is a very reliable door-to-door service with insurance coverage by request to any value.
Israeli Postal Service 32.00 $US 5 Business days

DHL, TNT*** International
40.00 $US 3 Business days

The costs are flatrate worldwide, for any number of dials, you are charged per package, not per dial.
As advertised by the carriers. We cannot be responsible to any delays in deliveries.
We will be happy to quote others upon request, or we can use your account number for collect delivery.

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Basic dial refinishing process normally takes 7 to 12 days.
The dial refinish process is made up of several stages, beginning from surface treatment through markers treatment and final lacquer, to various necessary prints and final finish.

In case we do not have the exact print you are looking for, we will suggest a similar replacement. If you need an exact refinish for your dial and we do not have the exact print, we can make a new print for you. The lead time for a new print is 30 days.

Other complementary services such as diamond setting on dials, mother of pearl dials and special services will also have a longer lead time than the regular refinish timetables and we will advise you of the estimated timetable with our price quote.

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